Our development team has created the world’s first electrojet. Narke team members include experienced electric boat designers and shipbuilders as well as a management providing the economic background, thus creating the balance of stable technical and business expertise.



Environmental Engineer,
Concept Owner and Economic Leader
  • Has been surfing and sailing since the age of 8, won the Blue Ribbon with Farkas Litkey in 2011
  • He was born a dreamer and he usually realizes his dreams. Thus, he became the founder and leader of several successful companies with billion HUF turnover. (The idea of the electrojet came into his head while sitting on the shore of Lake Balaton.)
  • A fan of environmentally friendly races, he has cycled around Lake Balaton in 4 hours 38 minutes (the world record is 4 hours 35 minutes). He is also director of an internationally-renowned bicycle club.
    “We have created Narke because we respect the water. Anyone who does not respect the water is easily drowned. This is true when we are out on the water struggling with natural forces, but also when we are fighting for the preservation of nature by developing an environmentally friendly watercraft.”


Naval Architect, Designer
  • Founder and Chief Designer of COMO YACHT
  • Has been dealing with electric boat design for 10 years
  • Three-time Green Ribbon winner
    “Climate change is already our generation’s challenge. This challenge has inspired the Narke project and I believe that we can obtain a leading position globally with this technique.”


Mechanical Engineer, Technical Manager
  • Developed and implemented several building engineering innovations over the last few years, resulting in more energy-efficient and less environmentally-harmful buildings in our country.
  • Founder and managing director of a company with multi-billion HUF turnover. Travelled in many sailboats, but “does not like to wait for the wind”.
    “We, humans, hope for tomorrow, but tomorrow is likely to hope for us. We want to create an enduring watercraft that will NOT leave a trace in the world in the form of oil spills but will instead advance the development of environmentally friendly water transport.”


  • Founder of COMO YACHT
  • Has been in love with water sports since childhood
  • Travelled halfway around the world on a ship, sailing competitively
  • Second generation shipbuilder has been dealing with electric boat construction for 12 years

“You are not only responsible for what you do but also for what you choose not to do. We have begun to develop an environmentally friendly watercraft, just in the right moment when environmental awareness and electric vehicles are conquering all areas of life.”