Our Narke Electrojet engineers are also behind COMO Yachts, an industry-leading electric yacht builder with nearly a decade of experience.


The COMO Yachts story started back in 2011 with the creation of the 23ft Como EA, an eye-catching yacht offering industry-disrupting technical specs. Complete electric drive, digital control by iPad, carbon fibre structure, and metallic paint are just some of the features that made it stand out from any competition.

After switching gears to develop and launch Narke – the world’s first electric personal watercraft – the design of the new Como 32S has started. With 100% electric drive, 20kn top speed, a 60nm range @7kn, a luxurious cabin for two, a spacious deck and of course contemporary design, she marks the beginning of a new era.


COMO Yachts has a unique combination of traditional and futuristic boatbuilding knowledge, directly contributing to an upcoming paradigm shift in boating, where both the planet and the customer are high priority.
COMO Yachts is dedicated to caring for the environment while offering endless luxury to its owners.

For more information on the electric COMO Yachts, please contact us at [email protected].